Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

We all know new businesses need to accept credit card payments and debit cards—whether you’re doing business at a storefront, on the go, or online. And, that means you need someone to help your new business get set up with the rates and the processing tools you’ll need to start taking payments.

That’s where we come in. At Washington Commercial Registered Agent LLC, we created a free credit card processing consultation service for our new clients. We’ll set up an in-house phone consultation with your business, learn about your credit card processing needs, and help you apply for a merchant account with a payment processor at the best rates we can negotiate on your behalf.

Plus, we’ll get you set up with the processing tools you’ll need, and we’ll be there for the long-haul to answer your questions, monitor your statements and fees, and serve as your guide—your “voice”—to help you manage your dealings with the card payment industry.

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Ready to Set Up Your Free Consultation? It’s Fast and Easy.

  1. When you form an LLC or start a corporation through us, or simply hire us to be your Washington registered agent, you’ll see a check box on the sign-up form, under “Additional Items,” for a free “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation.”
  2. Simply check that box and complete your order.
  3. Our team of credit card processing experts will then reach out to you by email to set up an in-house phone consultation at your convenience. It’s that easy.

Why We Can Get You a Better Deal

We can save you money on credit card processing because we’re in a truly unique position when compared to our competitors. Making money from card processing is typically what our competitors’ businesses are all about (their “bread-and-butter,” so to speak). Their goal will be to mark up your rates as much as they can without ticking you off.

But, our #1 goal is to save you money. Why? Because our bread-and-butter is business formations and Washington registered agent service. That’s how we make our money, and that’s all we really need to keep supporting our business, our employees, and the wide range of services we already offer.

Not needing to make much money from credit card processing is why the in-house phone consultation is free, why it won’t cost you a thing for us to help you apply, and why we can keep your rates low enough to just cover our costs from managing your account when you decide to start taking payments.

How Our Credit Card Processing Service Works

Once you get on the phone with one of our credit card processing experts, we’ll take the time to really understand your business, discuss your credit card processing needs, and figure out the best ways to get you started and save you money.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. First, we’ll go over your business type, how you want to take payments, your current or estimated monthly sales, and your average transaction.
    This information will help us determine the rates with can negotiate with a payment processor and the type of hardware or software you’ll need to take payments.
  2. Then we’ll help you complete and submit your application.
    Our role in the application process is important because we can help you avoid the mistakes businesses commonly make when they try to negotiate a merchant agreement on their own.
  3. Your financials, however, are not our business.
    After we help you submit your application, the payment processor’s underwriters will communicate with you and decide if they approve the pricing you requested.
  4. If the processor approves our pricing, you’ll sign your merchant agreement and be on a short road toward taking payments.
    If they don’t approve, they’ll likely make a new offer, and we’ll help you think through your options.

After you sign your agreement and start taking payments, however, our role doesn’t come to an end. We’ll still be here to answer your questions, regularly audit your merchant statements, and help you troubleshoot any problems that might arise.

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Credit Card Processing FAQs

Is the Phone Consultation Really Free?

Yes. It doesn’t cost you a thing to talk to our credit card processing experts, and if you don’t like the deal we work out for you—you can simply reject it and move on. There are no upfront commitments or hidden fees involved.

How Will You Determine My Credit Card Processing Rates & Fees?

We’ll look at your business type, monthly sales, average ticket, and payment methods to determine the rates that are best for you.

The card payment industry is a complicated world of nickel-and-dime fees that can change wildly depending on how your business works. For instance, some businesses will pay less overall if they have a lower per volume fee and a higher transaction fee. For some businesses, it’s the other way around.

That’s why we start with a phone consultation and take the time to understand how your business works. We’ll set your rates in whatever way works best to keep your overall processing costs as low as possible.

Will You Be My Payment Processor?

No. The payment processor is the company that provides your merchant account and processes payments for you. We’ll be the go-between whose job is to set things up.

That means we’ll negotiate and set your rates, help you decide on the hardware or software you’ll need, help you apply, and then serve as your first point-of-contact when you have questions about your account.

Can’t I Just Sign Up Directly Through a Payment Processor?

You could sign up directly with a lot of payment processors—but that isn’t likely to save you money. Why? Because you’ll deal with an ordinary sales rep when you sign up directly with a payment processor, and typically that sales rep’s goal will be to make as much as much money as they can.

Our special value is that we don’t need or want to make much off credit card processing. That’s why we can help keep your costs low.

Why Did You Create this Credit Card Processing Service?

We’ve been fielding questions about credit card processing from our business clients for years. “How can I get set up to take payments?” “Who are the best payment processors?” “What is a good rate?” “How can I control my processing costs?” And we’ve been watching those clients overpay for years too—yet we were unable to do anything about it.

Finally, we just got too annoyed by the card payment industry not to do something to help our clients. Our goal is always to make starting and maintaining a business as easy as possible, so we simply decided to make it easier for our clients to accept credit card payments too.

What we discovered is that your overall costs for accepting credit card payments really depend on who signs you up. Sure, there are non-negotiable credit card processing fees, set by banks and card associations like Visa and MasterCard, that every business pays no matter who signs them up. But, then there’s that extra layer of fees—the payment processor’s markup—that gets set by the processor’s Agent, or whoever resells the processor’s services.

So, we decided to get involved and take control of what our clients pay. It’s that simple.

Is This Service Available To Me If You Aren’t My Washington Registered Agent?

Currently, no. You’ll need to hire us to form your business, or sign up for our Washington registered agent service, to request a free consultation and get started.

Do I Really Need to Accept Credit Card and Debit Card Payments?

We think the answer is yes. Of course, there’s nothing preventing you from running a cash-only business, but unless you run a longstanding, well-established storefront in your community, that might not be a good idea. And for online businesses, accepting card payments is usually a must.

Basically, consumers want payment options, and debit and credit card payments are at the top of their list. Since it costs you money to accept card payments, however, you need to find the right deal to avoid paying too much.

Does Washington Commercial Registered Agent LLC Provide Other Services?

Absolutely. We can serve as your Washington registered agent, or help you form your Washington LLC or Washington corporation, all of which include the use of our Washington business address and free limited mail forwarding (up to 5 non-state documents scanned per year).

Need more mail coverage? Not a problem. You can add one of our paid Washington Mail Forwarding packages when you sign up, and get a unique business address as part of the bargain.

Plus, we can help you register as an out-of-state business to operate in Washington if that’s what you need (often called “foreign entity registration”).

Our credit card service, however, is only available for Washington businesses.