Additional Services

Running a successful Washington business takes a lot more than hiring a registered agent and filing your initial paperwork to form with the state. We can’t help you with producing all your thingamajigs, but we can make a lot of the boring paperwork smoother and less daunting. Whether you want to hire us to handle filings, or just need us to point you in the right direction, we’re here for you.

Form an LLC in Washington State
Ready to guide your through your company filings

Each of the following filings are available in our secure client accounts for you to hire our experienced team. If you want to save a few bucks and file directly with the government, we provide the links or forms in an extensive “Forms Library” (also in our secure client accounts) at no cost. If you’re not yet one of our awesome clients, you can likely find the Washington business form or link you need on our public resources page.

State Business Documents

When you hire us, we can obtain numerous official documents from the Secretary of State’s office on your behalf. If you are already a client, you can order these documents through your online account. If you are forming a new LLC or corporation, you can add any of the following documents to your order:

  • Certified Copies of Certificate of Formation: $75
  • Certificate of Good Standing: $75
  • Apostille: $350

Annual Renewal Monitoring

Failure to maintain good standing with the Secretary of State’s office can lead to the administrative dissolution of your company. This is why we offer a comprehensive Annual Renewal Monitoring and Compliance service to all of our clients.

We use sophisticated tracking software to review and monitor all of your compliance requirements with the Secretary of State’s office, and we provide you with regular updates about upcoming deadlines. You never miss an Annual Renewal deadline with our service.

Annual Renewal Compliance: $160

Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Most businesses will need an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service to legally conduct business and pay federal taxes. We can file for and obtain an EIN for your company, saving you the hassle of dealing with the IRS.

EIN: $50 with Social Security Number ($199 for customers without an SSN)

S-Corporation Application

If you are considering applying for S-corp status with the IRS, we can help. We provide an S-corp Application Filing Service for all of our clients who are interested in changing their federal tax status. We will prepare and submit your application and obtain S-corp status for your LLC or corporation.

S-Corp Filing: $50

Without the success of your business, we have no business. That’s why our primary goal is to support you, and foster a lifelong business partnership year after year.

Washington Commercial Registered Agent

Beyond the Filings

You have formed your new business, now make it look official. When you order our LLC or corporation formation service, you can order a high-quality corporate book and professional corporate seal.

Corporate Book and Seal

Over the years, we worked with various agencies to provide books and seals for our clients, and we were never fully satisfied. Which is why we have brought this particular service in-house. We now prepare and create your book and seal right here in our local office, giving us complete control over the high-quality of the end product. As well, by cutting out the middle-man, we can offer these items for less.

Corporate Book: $50

Corporate Seal: $50

Business Support

It seems like more and more companies are charging their own customers just to talk about the products they already bought. We don’t believe in “3 months of free customer support.” If you call us, we’ll help you, even if you’re not yet a client. If you call and we’re already on the line or it’s outside our regular business hours, just leave us a voicemail and we’ll call you back. You can also use the Contact Us form to shoot us an email anytime. You’ll get a reply from a real team member from our real email address, because we’re just regular people who happen to be really good at starting Washington businesses and like sharing what we know.