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With Washington Business Presence, you’ll have everything you need to establish an online identity for your business. Our team of local experts are here to help get your business online as soon as you sign up.

Think of us as your one-stop-shop for your business. Get a website, email, phone line, and more that you can easily manage from your phone or computer—all in one place, and all from one company.

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It’s Important to Get Your Business Online

Establishing an online business presence for your company is just as important as formally creating an LLC or corporation with the state. Getting your company online gives you the means to reach an endless number of potential customers.

More than likely, when people hear about your business, they’ll ask where they can find you online. The easier people can find you, the easier it is to connect with them. Use your domain and website to explain more about what your company does, advertise your services and products, and make sales online.

Everything You Need In One Place

It can be hard to find everything you need to successfully establish your online business presence without having to buy services from more than one company.

Washington Business Presence gives you everything you need—all in one place, and all from one company.

Get a Domain, Website, SSL, Email, and a Business Phone number, all at no upfront cost to you.

What do you get with Washington Business Presence?

A domain name (or URL) where your customers can connect with your company online.

Build a professional website that people will see at your domain. Add company content, images, and other media here.

Strengthen your website’s security with an SSL certificate. This is particularly important for businesses selling online.

Keep things professional with a business email address attached to your domain.

Use your personal phone or computer to use your business phone number with a Washington area code.

Domain Name

Think of your domain name as an online address for your business. The internet is a big place, and registering a domain name is a good way to begin staking your company’s claim online.

What is a domain name?

A domain name isn’t just your website’s URL. It’s the part of the URL that’s unique to you and your company. Use our URL for example: our full web address is https://www.washingtonregisteredagent.com/, but our domain name is washingtonregisteredagent.com.

How do I get a domain name?

There are plenty of domain name registrars and companies that work with registrars out there. (We’re one of them!) Choosing a name for your domain isn’t as simple as it seems. The number of potential domain names is endless, but you want to be particularly careful about which one you choose for your business. There are a couple of things to consider before you commit to a domain name:

  • The name. Getting a domain is a great way to brand your company, so when choosing a name consider how you want to present your company to potential customers. The most important thing your domain name should do is clearly identify your business.
  • TLD. Top Level Domain (TLD) is the last part of your domain. (.com, .net, etc.). When you name your domain, you also need to choose a TLD. The price of TLDs varies, but expect to pay more if you choose a specialized TLD for your domain.

How much does it cost to get a domain name?

The price of domains vary for a couple of reasons: the registrar your purchasing your domain through and the TLD you choose. TLDs like “.camera” and “.cleaning” and “.taxi” are going to be more expensive. Going with something more general, like a “.com” or “.net,” is a more affordable option. Plus, the more common TLDs are easier for customers to remember.

Our domain name service is free for the first year, then starts at $25 a year. The annual price will depend on which TLD and domain name you pick. High value URLs will renew at a higher market value. However, most of our domains are $25/year.


Your website is the first, virtual handshake with your customers. You’ll want to create a site that not only sells your products and/or services to your customers, but also introduces your company and explains what you do.

Does my business need a website?

Obviously, you don’t need a website to legally run a business, but you will miss out on your company benefiting from having a wider reach when it comes to accessing customers. A website is an easier and cheaper way to reach people you might not have using only traditional advertising or renting a brick-and-mortar location.

How do I make a website?

Most companies who offer web-hosting services allow you to customize your website according to your company’s needs. (The good ones, anyway.) Still, it’s not always easy to find a registrar who offers affordable web-hosting with an easy to use, pre-built site. When you buy a website through us, you don’t need any knowledge of coding in order to make changes. Easily customize your site with drag-and-drop tools, as well as add text, images, and other media.

Get your easy-to-use website for just $9/month. We can have your website up and running in just a matter of minutes!

SSL Certificate

Most website you visit, especially those that allow you to make purchases online, have what’s called an SSL Certificate. An SSL provides extra security to your website.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It adds a layer of security around the important information your website collects, making it impossible for your website to be accessed without a secure connection.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate lets those visiting and making purchases on your website know that your website is safe. An easy way to tell if a website has an SSL is in the url. Websites beginning with “HTTPS” are certified, while websites beginning with “HTTP” are not.

Do I need to get an SSL certificate for my website?

You probably do. If anything, for the ease-of-mind of your customers. More than likely, people visiting your website will be more inclined to share their personal and financial information if they know their connection is secure.

Email Address

It’s always a good idea to have an email address for your business that is separate from the one you use personally. Washington Business Presence not only includes an email address for your business, but an email address at your specific domain. For example, if you have a domain a name like “mybusinessnamehere.com” you can get an email address like “[email protected].”

What is a business email address?

Simply put, it’s the email address you’ll use for your business and your business only. Having a business email address is another way to further separate your business from your personal life.

How do I use my business email address?

When you sign up for Washington Business Presence, you’ll immediately get an online account through our client portal. You’ll able to manage your website here, as well as access the link to your email account manager.

Business Phone Number

You need a business phone number for the same reason you need a business email: to further separate your business from yourself. We’ll give you a phone number with the Washington area code of your choice. You’ll be able to use this phone number with any of your personal devices and an internet connection. Plus, our iOS or Android apps make managing your business line a piece of cake.

Do I need a different phone number for my business?

It’s a good idea. You won’t need to worry about keeping track of which calls are for your business and which are personal. It’s also much more professional. Customers might not be comfortable contacting you if they know you’re answering on your personal phone.

How do I set up a business phone number?

Just like with your website and email address, you’ll be able to access your business phone number when you’re logged into your online account.

Can I choose any area code in Washington?

You sure can! We give you the option to pick your Washington area code.

Benefits of Washington Business Presence

With just a few clicks you can get Washington Business Presence! There are a couple different ways you can start doing business immediately:

  • Signup for any of our services and select “Washington Business Presence” at checkout. Easy!
  • If we’re already your registered agent, you can add our service in your client portal. Simply login, click “Hire Us” and then “Set Up Your Online Presence.”

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