Change Washington Registered Agent

  1. Appoint a New Washington Registered Agent

    Before you file any documents, you need to have a new registered agent to designate. We offer premium Washington registered agent service for only $59 a year. You can hire us and get our total compliance monitoring, annual report reminders, and digital business filing storage at no additional cost.

  2. File a Statement of Change

    To change a Washington registered agent, you must file a Statement of Change with the Washington Secretary of State. It is free to file this form. You can mail the document, but we suggest online filing, which is automatically expedited. Online filings are processed within a few days.

  3. Wait for Approval

    If you mail your Statement of Change, you will likely be waiting for a month or two. Online filings will be processed within a few days. The Secretary of State will issue a certified copy of the Statement of Change once your filing has been processed, and you should be able to see the change of registered agent online in the Secretary of State’s records for your Washington corporation or LLC.

Expedite a Statement of Change

If you change a Washington registered agent by mail, you can expedite the filing. On the outside of your mailing envelope, write EXPEDITE. There is an Expedite Box on the Statement of Change itself, which you can check. Include a $50 expedite fee with the filing.

Consent of Registered Agent

You cannot change a Washington registered agent without first having your new agent consent to represent your Washington LLC or corporation. If you hire us, then we consent to be your registered agent. When filing online, you can mark the box that says we have given you our consent. If you are filing by mail, you will find a Statement of Change form in your online account which is pre-filled with our signature.