Washington Business Address

Having a real, commercial Washington business address can be the key to maintaining your privacy.

When you form a Washington LLC or corporation, your Certificate of Formation and Articles of Incorporation are public records. So are your annual reports. Through a simple internet search, clients, strangers, and litigators can find your personal information. They could even request your documents from the Washington Secretary of State.

If this loss of privacy worries you, you’re not alone. It’s a real concern for many business owners. But, we’ve got simple solutions. We’ve designed three of our key services to help you protect your address privacy: our Washington registered agent service and Evergreen mail forwarding.

Privacy Protection

Whether you’re simply looking for more privacy on public filings or need a unique address for all your business needs, we’ve got you covered:

Registered Agent Service: When you sign up for Washington registered agent service, you’ll be able to use our address (instead of yours) on state forms and service of process—providing some privacy protection. Instead of listing the personal addresses of your governors or using a home address for your principal office, you can use our registered agent address.

Note that this address is not unique to your business. As your registered agent, we’re a point of contact for the state and potential litigators. If we receive mail outside of these categories, our team will open it and scan all contents into your personal online account. However, you’ll be limited to 10 scans per year—anything over will still be uploaded into your account, but it will cost an additional $15 to view. For more scans and a unique Washington business address, check out our Paid Mail Forwarding service.

Phone Service: When you sign up for our registered agent or business formation services, you qualify for 60 free days of Phone Service. This is a no-risk, no-obligation trial of our $9 monthly virtual phone system, which includes a secondary phone number you can use to protect your privacy while you do business here in Washington state—and elsewhere.


Evergreen Mail Forwarding: With our Evergreen mail forwarding service, you’ll receive a Washington business address that’s entirely unique to your company. So, you’ll never have to worry about listing your personal information on anything.Use it on business cards, local directories, social media, websites—wherever and however you want. You’ll also get an increase in allotted mail scans—10, 25 (on top of the initial 10 free just for being our client!), or unlimited each year. We believe owning a business shouldn’t mean sacrificing your right to privacy.

  • 10 scans per year: $49/year
  • 25 scans per year: $99/year
  • Unlimited scans per year (plus phone service and office lease) with Virtual Office: $19/month

If you need any original mail physically sent to you, we’ll happily forward it for an additional $15 per document.


Benefits of a Washington Business Address 

  1. Maintain your privacy. Running a business can require a lot of paperwork—some of which is public record and may require listing your personal information. Why should you make it easier for scammers to find you?
  2. Establish business credibility. Having a Washington business address tells clients you’re established and professional, whereas listing your home address might make your business look inexperienced.
  3. Demonstrate stability. You want customers and potential investors to know your business is here to stay. Any time your business moves, you’ll need to update that information with the Washington Secretary of State. Having a long list of address changes could be a red flag for anyone wanting to work with your company.
  4. Comply with HOA (Home Owner Association) or leasing regulations. Depending on where you live, you may not be able to use your personal address as a business address. Signing up for paid mail forwarding service easily solves that potential problem.

Washington Business Address FAQs

Are there specific state requirements for a Washington business address?

Washington state requires the principal office address to be a street address—not a PO Box. Depending on your business structure, this may be the same as your registered agent address or other location where company records are stored.

When you sign up for paid mail forwarding, you’ll get a real, unique Washington address that can be used as your business and mailing address.

What’s the difference between a registered agent address and a business address?

The difference between a registered agent address and business address really comes down to how the address can be used. A registered agent address is the physical location where your agent receives service of process. It’s also the address on record for any state correspondence. At Washington Commercial Registered Agent LLC, we allow clients to list our registered agent address on public filings to help maintain privacy. But, a registered agent address isn’t unique nor should it be used for all your mail. For that, you’ll need a Washington business address.

A unique, real Washington business address can be listed on bank statements, IRS documents, websites, and company letterhead—pretty much anything you want. With our Evergreen mail forwarding service, you’ll get this added level of protection a registered agent address can’t provide alone.

Can I use this business address as my mailing address?

Absolutely! When you sign up for our paid mail forwarding service, your unique, commercial address is just that—yours! Use it on your company website, letterhead, bank statements, IRS correspondence, or any other important business forms.

How do I change my Washington business address?

The quickest and easiest way to update your Washington business address is to log into your WA Department of Revenue (DOR) account. However, you may also submit a paper form—Business Information Change Form—to the Washington State Department of Revenue Business Licensing Service. Neither method requires a fee.

Changing your physical Washington business address might require you to file a new Business License Application. To determine if you need to submit this form, you’ll need to contact the Business Licensing Service at (360) 705-6741.