Washington Mail Forwarding

Washington Mail Forwarding allows business owners to manage important mail and maintain their privacy. When our professional team receives your mail, we’ll open it and upload all content into your secure personal account. Simply log into your account, view your mail, and move on to more important things. Easy peasy.

You’ll also be able to use our registered agent address on state forms—keeping your personal information off public records.

How Washington Mail Forwarding Works

1. Choose your plan.

• Our Washington Registered Agent Service includes basic mail forwarding—5 mail content uploads each year. Anything over 5 will be scanned into your personal account; however, it will cost an additional $15 to view. You’ll also be able to use our registered agent address on public filings such as annual reports or service of process. However, this address is not unique to your business and shouldn’t serve as your primary mailing address.


• We highly recommend signing up for our Evergreen mailing forwarding service—increasing your total content scans to 10, 20, or 40 each year. You’ll also get a Washington business address and unique suite number. This address is 100% distinctive to your company. Use it on whatever you want. It’s the absolute best way to protect your personal information from becoming public knowledge.
◦ 10 scans per year: $50/year
◦ 20 scans per year: $7/month
◦ 40 scans per year: $12/month


2. View your mail.

• Once we start receiving your mail, our team of professionals will spring into action. They’ll open it, scan all contents into your personal online account, and send you an email notification. You’ll have 24/7 access to all of your important documents. Plus, your mail will be securely stored for as long as you want.

3. Manage your mail.

• You decide how your mail is handled. Let us know what you want to keep and what needs shredding—yep, we even shred your junk mail. Or, for an additional $15 per document, you can have anything physically forwarded to you. All original documents will be securely stored for 60 days. Afterwards, they’ll be destroyed to ensure security.

The power is entirely in your hands.

Why should I sign up for Washington Mail Forwarding Service?

We’re local. The entire Washington Commercial Registered Agent LLC team is made up of people who call the Evergreen state home—individuals who are passionate about their communities and helping businesses grow. National companies might offer Washington mail forwarding, but their attention is scattered, and your company could easily get lost in the shuffle. But, with us—YOU will be our number one priority. Our entire focus will be on serving your business and making sure you get the best service.

Because we’re a registered agent company, helping maintain client privacy is what we do. Our company was made for this. Handling financial statements, service of process, or other confidential documents is a responsibility we never take lightly. Your personal information should always remain private—we’ll make sure it stays that way.

Mail Forwarding FAQs:

How do I use my Washington business address and unique suite number? Are there limits?
When we assign your business a Washington business address and unique suite number, it’s all yours. You can list it on social media accounts, business cards, websites, letterhead, bank statements, annual company holiday cards—there are no limits.

Are packages included with mail forwarding?
Unfortunately, we don’t accept packages. If we receive one, our team will notify you. To have the package sent to you, you’ll need to pay the $15 forwarding fee plus shipping costs.

Do I need to submit any forms to the United States Postal Service (USPS)?
Nope. You won’t need to file a change of address form with USPS.

Is international mail accepted?
We don’t discriminate. If it’s delivered, we’ll take care of it.