Washington Name Reservation

You can reserve a name for your Washington business by filing a Name Reservation form with the Secretary of State. The form is the same for both Washington LLCs and corporations.

Before You File

Before filing a Washington Name Reservation form, you should conduct a business entity name search to check for availability. You cannot reserve a business name that is already in use by another company in the state.

When considering a name to reserve, be advised that you must use a proper corporate designation, such as Limited Liability Company or LLC if you are forming a Washington LLC, or Corporation, Incorporation, Company, or Limited if you are starting a Washington corporation. Abbreviations of a corporate designation are also allowed (such as Inc. or Ltd.).

Note: If you reserve a name in Washington, you will be required to file your business formation documents by mail. You will not be able to form your company online with a reserved name. In addition, if you reserve a name in Washington, there is no way to keep your name and address out of the public record. If you are looking for business privacy in Washington, please see our Private Washington LLC Package.

Washington Name Reservation Fees

Entity Type


Washington LLC $30
Washington Limited Partnership $30
Washington Limited Liability Partnership $30
Washington Corporation $30
Washington NonProfit Corporation $20

A Washington Name Reservation filing can be expedited for $50. To expedite, you should prepare the form and mail it to the Secretary of State with the word “EXPEDITE” written clearly on the outside of the envelope.

Why Name Reservation Puts You in the Public Record

The Washington Name Reservation form asks for the name and address of the applicant. If the form is being prepared by someone representing the applicant, then the form asks for the name and address of the client. What this means is that if you file a name reservation form–or have someone file it for you–your name and address will end up in the public record. There is no way around it.

If you are concerned about business privacy in Washington, please see our Woodsman Private Washington LLC Package: a totally private Washington LLC that we offer for clients interested in keeping their personal information secure.