Washington State Annual Renewal

If you have a Washington LLC or corporation, you are required to file a Washington Annual Renewal each year with the Business Licensing Service. Both LLCs and corporations must pay the same Annual Renewal fee of $71.

You can file a Washington Annual Renewal online, which is the recommended approach. Online filings are processed more quickly, usually within 7 business days.

File Washington Annual Renewal Online

Information you will need to file online:

  • Unified Business Identifier (UBI)
  • Exact company name
  • State and county of incorporation
  • Washington registered agent information
  • Business principal address
  • Nature of your business
  • Company phone number and email
  • Names and address of management (members/managers or officers/directors)

You can file the Washington Annual Renewal online through the Business Licensing Service. You must have a MyDOR account, which you would have set up if you formed your Washington LLC or corporation online.

You can pay the Annual Renewal fee with a credit card, debit card or electronic check. Credit cards are charged an additional 2.5% convenience fee.

Washington Annual Renewal Deadline

Your Washington State Annual Renewal must be filed on or before your Washington Business License expiration date. After you formed your company with the Secretary of State, you should have applied for a Washington Business License from the Business Licensing Service, which will list your expiration date. An Annual Renewal reminder will be sent each year to your Washington registered agent, who should inform you about the impending deadline.

There is a late fee of $25 if you miss your deadline.

Can I Change My Registered Agent on My Annual Renewal?

Yes. When you receive your Annual Renewal reminder, you have 45 days to submit your renewal. During that 45 window, you may file the renewal and change your Washington registered agent. If you are outside of the window (late or early), you cannot change agents on your renewal. Outside that window, you must submit a Statement of Change.

Annual Renewal vs Initial Report

When you form a Washington corporation or LLC, you are required to file an Initial Report. Then, each year, you will file the Annual Renewal. It would make sense for these filings to be submitted to the same agency, but Washington State is a bit odd that way.

Your Initial Report is actually filed with the Secretary of State.

Your Annual Renewal, however, is filed with the Business Licensing Service, which is a division of the Department of Revenue.

It is easy to get confused between these filings.