Washington Statement of Correction

It is only human to make errors, and errors on business filings are rather common. While frustrating, they are not beyond fixing. Any business document filed with the Secretary of State can be corrected by filing a Statement of Correction.

It should be noted that a correction is not the same as an amendment. If you need to change information on a document because you have made a change to your business (such as changing the name of your company), then you must file a Certificate of Amendment or other proper document.

You can file a Statement of Change for business filings for either a Washington LLC or a Washington corporation.

What Can Be Corrected

Corrections are limited to mistakes and errors in a business filing, such as misspellings or numerical errors. If you have misspelled a name, flipped the numbers in an address, or other such errors.

You cannot, however, make certain alterations, such as changing your Washington registered agent or the name of your company. These changes are made by submitting other filings.

According to state law, you may correct a record if:

  • The filing record at the time of filing contained an inaccurate statement
  • The filed record was defectively executed
  • The electronic transmission of the filed record was defective

When filing a Statement of Correction, you cannot elect a later effective date. All corrections are considered effective upon the date of filing the Statement of Correction.

Statement of Correction

  1. Name of Entity

    You must list the name of your Washington LLC or corporation as it is listed with the Secretary of State.

  2. The Record to Be Corrected

    List the business filing that you want to correct, such as your Certificate of Formation, Articles of Incorporation, Annual Report, or other such document.

  3. Specify the Inaccuracy

    You must list the specific inaccuracy that you are trying to correct. In addition, you must give a reason for the inaccuracy. For example: “Article 3 incorrectly lists the number of shares as 600; typing error.”

  4. Corrected Inaccuracy

    This is where you make your correction. Provide the corrected version of the inaccuracy. For example: “Article 3 should list the number of shares as: 700.”

  5. Signature

    An authorized individual must sign, print and date this document.

Filing Fee

The Secretary of State charges a filing fee of $30 for a Statement of Change. You can expedite the filing by including an additional $50 for expedite processing.

If selecting to expedite, please write “EXPEDITE” on the outside of the envelope you use to mail your filing.

Check and money orders should be made payable to: Secretary of State.


You cannot file this document online. You must mail the form to:

Secretary of State
Corporations Division
801 Capitol Way S
PO Box 40234
Olympia, WA 98504-0234